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PBNext™ Enhances Your Existing Phone Number.

Call Screen multiple calls

Unlike your normal cellphone or landline voicemail, PBNext allows you to screen up to 20 calls simultaneously. The PBNext software will display all your incoming calls in one place allowing you to choose who goes to voicemail and who you want to speak with. The PBNext software works in conjunction with the phone line you already pay for by clearly showing you which calls you are connected to and which callers are want to speak to you -- waiting for your attention.


Professional Greeting

First impressions count, and your professionally recorded greeting makes a powerful, positive statement about your business. Callers will form a positive impression of you…before you’ve spoken a single word.


Conference Calling

PBNext includes (for no additional charge) basic conferencing capabilities, saving your organization the expense of signing up with a third-party conference calling provider. The built-in conferencing capabilities in PBNext can conference up to 16 parties by just clicking a few buttons -- no need to schedule a conference, just have your callers call you on your call-in number. You only pay for your normal per-minute usage charges.

Caller ID

PBNext accounts automatically feature caller-id. You will see the phone number of any callers to your PBNext number(s), unless they are calling from an area where caller-id is not available. Caller-id may be blocked by the caller in some cases, but not when calling your number. Combine this feature with the number included with your PBNext number and you get "unblockable caller-id".

Enhanced Voicemail

Because PBNext™ voicemail messages are stored as mp3 files, you can access them several ways: by phone, on the internet, and via email. You can even receive email notifications when voicemails arrive…with the mp3 files attached. You can listen to the message, forward it via email, or archive it. In addition, you can create group mailboxes for departments or other organizational units.

Paperless Faxes

All faxes sent to your number will be automatically converted to Adobe .PDF files and stored on our server. You can read, forward, and archive faxes on your smart phone or any computer with internet access. You can even receive email notification so you know when a fax has arrived.

On-hold Music

Only big companies have on-hold music, right? Wrong. PBNext™ provides licensed on-hold music as part of your monthly service fee. There is no need to obtain music licenses or pay any royalties. With PBNext™, there is never any silence on the line.

Call Log

Want to know who called your number, and when? PBNext™ automatically logs all calls, with details about each one. You can see the time the call was received, the phone number of the caller, the person or alias the caller was trying to reach, the duration of the call, and a note about what happened to the call—whether it was answered, went to voicemail, or the caller hung up. You will never miss another business opportunity!

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